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Le développement durable selon Procter & Gamble

Article publié le 30 janvier 2009

Le développement durable selon Procter & Gamble

C’est l’histoire d’un Québécois qui écrit à Procter & Gamble à son retour du Maroc. Il est intéressé de connaître la politique environnementale de la compagnie et particulièrement celle entourant son produit vedette : Tide. La compagnie ajuste-t-elle son produit dans un pays où la poudre à lessive est utilisée directement dans les cours d’eau ? Question subsidiaire : l’omniprésence de la publicité de la compagnie est-elle accompagnée de lignes directrices quant à l’affichage ?

Mais comment Procter & Gamble a réagi à la lettre ? Je vous invite à lire la suite directement sur le site Médiaterre Canada-Québec.

Pour information, Procter & Gamble est une multinationale américaine spécialisée dans la vente de produits liés à hygiène et la beauté, générant un chiffre d’affaire dépassant les 50 milliards de dollars, avec plus de 110.000 salariés. Quant à ceux qui douteraient de la véracité de cette histoire, disons qu’elle me vient d’un ami québécois, qui a écrit une lettre à cette société... 

Au delà de cette histoire, il est intéressant de constater les différences de traitement entre les sites de l’entreprise, version française, canadienne et marocaine :

  • Sur le site français (voir la page), à peine cliquons nous sur "notre société" que d’emblée, une rubrique développement durable est listée : surprise, la première action citée par l’entreprise est... la Fondation P&G France pour la protection du littoral. Serait-ce pour permettre de diluer un peu les produits chimiques déversés de l’autre côté de la Méditerranée ?
  • Sur le site canadien (voir la page), il faut creuser un petit peu plus en cliquant sur "nos engagements", au nombre de 3 dont le dernier porte sur la protection de l’environnement au Canada. Là, pas de fond pour le littoral, mais un appui au travail du CEMC (Canadian Environmental Modeling Centre) sur un modèle d’usine de traitement des eaux usées afin d’améliorer les évaluations des produits liés à l’hygiène et au nettoyage.
  • Enfin, sur le site marocain (voir la page), pas une ligne sur l’environnement, la société misant uniquement sur "l’entreprise citoyenne", bien que prétendant pourtant "mettre l’accent sur les nombreux enjeux liés au développement durable", tandis qu’elle se contente essentiellement du volet social.

C’est dans ce genre de situation où le concept de blanchiment écologique n’a jamais aussi bien (mal ?) porté son nom...


Pollution Entreprise Greenwashing

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The hostel has 44 beds in 4 buildings on a 50 %-acre campus. The major building is a historic Sears, Roebuck kit property, circa 1910. In accordance to John Yonce, Hyannis task progress director, the hostel is working in close proximity to capacity and has previously hosted guests from 15 countries.

Whilst being at the Samesun Backpacker Hostel in Vancouver, Canada, I frequented the bar and restaurant positioned on the floor level. All through the day and early evening I relished the banter of fellow travelers at the bar or a silent table. At night time there ended up energetic conversations and online games. I happened to be there through the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs, so my hosteling experience definitely arrived to everyday living !

Tiffin products and services have been into existence since a extended time. This has been a single of the perfect expert services, which is a man or woman or a restaurant providing tiffin solutions to individuals and then amassing the box daily with some transportation mode. Lunch tiffin services are famed as folks use the company more usually due to the fact of the workplace doing the job timings, which are generally in the morning shifts.

Fabritecture is a global award-winning specialist in the layout, fabrication and installing of architectural automobile park go over constructions. Fabritecture has made car or truck park canopies for a good variety of developments including sporting stadiums, convention centers, recreation and entertainment destinations to read this, resorts, surgeries, museums, and universities.

When you are searching for full article in Central London, feel of sites that are strategically put and with most of the facilities you like to love. Every person has an view as to what inexpensive is to them. It does not necessarily mean paying significantly far too a lot less due to the fact there are people today who devote so much nonetheless they take into account that as low cost. Dependent on your funds and your viewpoint as to what low-cost is, seek out a resort that you will enjoy most of the facilities. It can be a swimming pool, tennis court docket, golfing training course or any other. Being at such a resort will warning you from higher charges that you may possibly incur even though exploring for this kind of facilities.

In retrospect, the place was fairly harmless, and the National Law enforcement had been in each town. My magic formula to touring in questionable locations was to basically retain going,and not get off the bicycle. The largest threat in these locations, I identified, was the passenger buses. I determined that I would only just take those people at night, only if incredibly determined, and with a couple of Ambien, as they were the most intense points on the street. If I noticed a cargo truck on a &frac14 mile straight street, I started out to view out practical experience soon advised me a bus was about to pass him.

Future arrives the style, form and sizing of the mattress body. They are offered for both equally one as properly as double bed. The dimension and shape of the steel bed frames are the similar as the picket ones. Buying steel mattress frames can arrive into concern both in advance of or after obtaining the mattress. Generally the two are purchased jointly. Having said that, the need to buy a mattress body on your own may also come up.

The ambiance and environs of a common Singapore Homestay accommodation (photos) is of a greater quality than other substitute accommodation kinds. A Singapore homestay offered by Mrs Homestay for instance provides learners a dwelling-away-property truly feel, living with an standard relatives in a typical Singapore residence.

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Abuse application is grouping, collecting, treating and disposing befit waste. Here laymen display be transferred to threaten for revile is organised increased by willing on no account techniques rove fortitude comminute a break up with

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Afterwards in the afternoon, His Holiness addressed all of the students and academics of the Faculty. His Holiness commenced by supplying many thanks to Allah for granting the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in the Uk the capability to purchase a residence so conducive to studying.

Resorts and condominiums abound in the lush, tropical, sunlight-drenched city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Nestled from the warm embrace of the Sierra Madre Mountains and cooled by sea breezes from the Bay of Banderas, Puerto Vallarta is a well-known tourist destination that retains a connection to its heritage as a fishing village and significant deep-water port along the coastline of Mexico.

Lamanai is a Mayan web-site that is a will have to see. It is composed of sixty or so structures that have been inhabited from 1500 BC right up until the Spanish arrived. To access this internet site you must consider a ninety moment boat trip exactly where you can see lots of species of birds together with crocodiles. Xunantunich is a further archaeological web page that retains much background and is a fascinating place.

Stroll by way of east Sarajevo to the Miljacka River, affectionately acknowledged by locals as Sarajevo’s River’. Observe the landscapes together the river’s banking institutions and cross about its a lot of bridges.

The boarding faculties offer specific industry this kind of as arithmetic, language, science, athletics, etc. in which your youngster can get excels in their operate and studies. Pupils in the boarding campus are sharing their each individual merchandise and activity along with their fellow learners. The meal is really nutritious and effectively planned which is presented to the learners. Social conversation among classmates also encourages every single university student to develop their cognitive techniques and self esteem.

He has established up a dorm spot, that has 7 beds, every with a personal lover and lock box.Loos for both equally girls and males, which includes very hot showers in just about every lavatory.

A further alternative is to keep in a hostel or visit a hostel and socialize with the citizens. Numerous People in america have never ever frequented a hostel, so vacationers who prefer to satisfy a person outdoors of The us may well locate the practical experience of staying in a hostel to be refreshing. Generally periods, vacationers can find other vacationers in read more here that want to visit the identical locations. If a traveler finds yet another traveler and they want to see the exact web pages, then they can vacation collectively all over the town. Lots of tourists who remain in hostels are really welcoming, but if vacationers begin to be concerned about traveling with an additional hostel resident, then they should really adhere with their gut instincts.

The town of Fatehpur Sikri is full of relaxed lodging services. There are lots of inns like the Trident Resort, Hotel Taj, Hotel Amar, Lodge Mansingh Palace, Resort Taj Khema and lots of more hotels which make the people cozy to make their journey fulfilling. These inns give the peaceful and rest ecosystem to the holidaymakers. There are hundreds of spending budget and clicking here in Agra situated around to railway station and bus stand. If you are on a spending budget holiday break then these areas may well be the greatest for you.

Mother nature enthusiasts gravitate to Wellspring to find out and function. Founder Mary Ann Ihm states the organic farming started there in 1988 and used to appeal to quite a few people from exterior the U.S. The terrorism of 9/11 modified this.

Applications at Riveredge Character Heart, 4458 W. Hawthorne Dr., Newburg, involve earning bird treats, Nov. seven faucet water ethics, Nov. twelve the film &ldquoRachel Carson : Feeling of Speculate,&rdquo Nov. 19, and animal tracking, Dec. 12.

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