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L'aromathérapie & la relaxation

Article publié le 18 décembre 2009

L'aromathérapie & la relaxation

Massage stimulant pour les sportifs, intimes ou aphrodisiaques pour les amoureux, massage apaisant et relaxant, auto massage… Les massages d’aromathérapie et leurs nombreux bienfaits sont reconnus et pratiqués depuis la nuit des temps. Pratiqués par des kinésithérapeutes, dans des instituts spécialisés, ou à la maison, le massage – additionné d’huiles essentielles – est une véritable source de jouvence et de bien être. Il peut être aussi un moment de méditation où le corps tout entier est immobile et détendu. Le massage thérapeutique soulagera la douleur, améliorera la circulation du sang, détendra les muscles fatigués. Vous trouverez, dans ce chapitre, quelque exemples pour créer des mélanges relaxants pour vos massages.

Pour un massage apaisant :

1 Base d’huile végétale de 30ml de votre choix
5 gouttes d’huile essentielle de Lavande
3 gouttes d’huile essentielle de Camomille romaine
4 gouttes d’huile essentielle de Bergamote

Ou :
1 Base d’huile végétale de 30ml de votre choix
5 gouttes d’huile essentielle de Lavande
5 gouttes d’huile essentielle de Néroli
4 gouttes d’huile essentielle de Géranuim

Pour un massage décontractant après un effort physique (sportifs) :

1 Base d’huile végétale de 30ml de votre choix
5 gouttes d’huile essentielle de Lavande
5 gouttes d’huile essentielle de Camomille romaine
5 gouttes d’huile essentielle de marjolaine

Consulter aussi cet article pour diffuser des odeurs Zen dans la maison, ou les vertus de l’huile végétale de callophyllum pour le massage, et les précautions d’emploi.

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Massage Aromathérapie Huiles essentielles

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Juste une remarque : l’huile essentielle de bergamote est photo-sensibilisante.(*) Après application locale sur la peau (même en petite quantité dans un mélange) : éviter le soleil pendant au moins 6 heures ! Risque de taches sur la peau ! Donc ce mélange avec bergamote est plutôt pour l’usage le soir. Responsables : les furocoumarines. On peut parfois trouver une qualité FCF (Furocoumarine free, donc exempt de furocoumarines), mais l’huile essentielle n’est plus rectifié.

*Photo-sensibilisantes : Cette réaction peut avoir lieu à la suite d’un contact de la peau avec une substance susceptible de provoquer une photo sensibilisation. Elle peut également avoir lieu après absorption.

Quand la peau est soumise à l’action du soleil ou tout autre forme de lumière ultraviolette, une réaction négative peut se manifester. Cette réaction peut varier d’une pigmentation légère à des brûlures douloureuses et profondes.

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Toutes les HE issues d’agrumes sont photosensibilisantes. D’autres d’origine différentes sont allergéniques. Toutes les HE passent le placenta.

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Following being the center of the cartel war and the world’s cocaine money, Medelln is a tale of transformation, you will be astonished with a modern day city inhabited by ’paisas’ known for currently being great hosts and super friendly individuals. They will make you feel welcomed from the instant you arrive be organized to take in ’arepas’ and depart with a hangover courtesy of superior doses of ’aguardiente’. You will drop in like with the metropolis for guaranteed.

A hostel is a low cost way to lodge safely with like-minded vacationers all over the globe. Also called "youth more about the author or backpackers," hostels are common in Europe and can commonly be uncovered somewhere else in the earth. They have come to be well-known in the U.S., despite the fact that there are much less of them than in Europe.

Summer months festivals are a frequent occurrence in Sarajevo, and a person of the highlights is the Baarija Evenings Festival. Throughout July, no cost music concert events, ballet performances and movie screenings take place at venues across the town.

The Ars Aevi Museum of Modern Art was conceived throughout the siege of Sarajevo, and designed to acquire Bosnian artwork and even more intercontinental art projects, with an spectacular array of modern exhibits. Swift-witted travellers will realize that the museum name is an anagram of Sarajevo.

In the previous backpacking was exploring the earth with as couple possessions as doable. But present-day tech-savvy generation of impartial tourists, laptops, clever telephones and MP3 players, are a lot more encumbered than at any time. They adore travelling, appear for high quality and comfort but over all don&rsquot want to shell out a fortune.

Ackergill Tower is a castle haunted by Environmentally friendly Girl and built in the 15th-century and located in close proximity to the Scottish seashore. If you are in a small business trip to England and organizing an special occasion, you will be able to e book the whole institution. You can tantalize your taste buds with their neighborhood delicacies that variety from seafood to all kinds of purple meat. For click here Booking, look at for person offers that is presented from time to time.

Planning appropriately is the essential to looking at more areas at lessen fees. Working with airways these as Ryan Air or Effortless Jet can conserve money on touring longer distances, and a lot of promotions can be found when regularly examining the sites and booking the flights in advance. These airlines normally give affordable flights among metropolitan areas this sort of as Paris, Berlin, Dublin, Rome, Milan, Barcelona and lots of others.

Several journey gurus are in opposition to the thought of traveling by itself. Some organizations and cruises give reductions for couples and journey groups although other web pages endorse group travels owing to safety issues. On the other hand, younger vacationers who remain good about traveling by yourself may have the most exciting and emancipating activities in their journey adventures.

At last you can study far more about Singapore Education and learning System at our blog site exactly where we prepare to give frequent updates about public and personal college method. I hope you have located this posting valuable in furnishing you guidance in choosing your homestay. Thank you for looking at.

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Numerous vacation industry experts are against the concept of traveling by yourself. Some companies and cruises give special discounts for couples and journey teams though other web-sites encourage group travels owing to safety problems. On the other hand, youthful travelers who keep on being sensible about touring by yourself may perhaps have the most thrilling and emancipating experiences in their journey adventures.

Final, but undoubtedly not least is a superb hotel, which is a real diamond in the rough as much as click here go. It is really a fantastic spot to get away from it all and lime your times absent. Rooms come with whole kitchens and balconies. I would advise it to anyone.

Fabritecture mass coverage motor vehicle park canopies are designed to supply complete coverage for big scale carparks these types of as hectic searching centres and airfields. All our mass protection car park canopies are developed by our in-home gurus to suit your express necessities.

With a inhabitants of in excess of 3 million, Madrid is a significant, modern day city in central Spain. The suburbs of Madrid are really present day and not notably attention-grabbing. Make it to the center of the metropolis, even so, and you are in for a take care of. Tiny alleys, hidden squares and odd minimal stores are the norm. In this heart, you will find a vibrant community life with outdoor cafes literally overrun with the passionate and appealing folks of Madrid. When traveling to the city, keep in thoughts it is incredibly warm in the summertime and really chilly in the winter season.

Go to some of the beautiful Costa Rica beach locations. Tropical, uncrowded beach locations on two coasts. Sandy seashores, black, white, brown, coral shell, and boulder strewn beach locations. Walk the similar Caribbean beach front where by Columbus landed 6 generations ago. Hike off of Drake Bay, named right after Sir Francis Drake, who visited the Costa Rica Pacific coastline a ten years before sinking the Spanish Armada and conserving England.

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Acquiring by no means backpacked across Europe (or any place else, for that issue), I never stayed in a hostel. You probably assume of youth go here as big dormitory rooms loaded with noisy, backpack-toting adolescents. Specifically in the course of summer months, this image can be pretty accurate, but there’s extra to youth hostels than you may consider.

The songs subject is compulsory for class 1st to 8th and as an optional topic for course 11th & twelfth underneath which the training is presented for all devices like Guitar, Harmonium, Tabla , Drum , Piano , flute and Congo etc by skilled new music lecturers.The university is possessing its possess Orchestra get together who use to carry out exclusive programmes on the eve of Republic day,Independence day, official features like Braille day, VIP/ donor visit to university and on various other instances . A lot of awards have been received for their outstanding cultural programmes at National and District stage.

Would you spend $28.00 to expend a night time in a centrally located, historic Gold Rush mansion on you up coming go to to Sacramento ? This is one particular of lots of pros of being at the Sacramento Hostel located at 9th and H Streets. Hostelling Intercontinental delivers a exclusive touring encounter for tourists globally, and Sacramento is fortunate to be involved in the organization’s portfilio.

Since the temperature is equivalent all calendar year long any thirty day period is good to visit. December is renowned for the ’alumbrados’, city lights in the river and other components of the city to rejoice Xmas it can take area each calendar year depicting a diverse tale or concept.

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