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Agissons contre l'e-waste

Article publié le 24 février 2009

Une vidéo choc sur le concept d’e-waste, les déchets de l’industrie informatique, transférés pour « recyclage » dans les pays en voie de développement. Bien monté avec des chiffres intéressants…
N’oubliez pas que vos distributeurs et les marques que vous achetez ont l’obligation de reprendre vos anciens matériels. Certes, ils grognent, mais c’est pour la bonne cause.


Déchets Pollution Recyclage

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par Gillou (IP:xxx.xx7.180.137) le 24 février 2009 à 11H56

Il y a peut-être un truc qu’ils ont oublié de mentionner dans ce reportage (qui est soit dit en passant intéressant), c’est d’arrêter de "consommer" à tort et à travers.

Des gens qui achètent des écrans plasma machin trucs et se débarrassent de leur ancienne télé qui fonctionnait encore, c’est encore plus stupide.

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par niebacompa1974 (IP:xxx.xx6.50.24) le 1er août 2013 à 18H44

There are plenty of quantity of more in Amsterdam which are perfectly suited for the students and overall economy class visitors. The tourists are suggested to get pleasure from a tour of the Canal Bus’ which delivers the perfect transportation together the canals of Amsterdam. This cruise has 14 stops which are situated near the major museums and attractions. The first time tourists will pretty like the commentary on board as it delivers some intriguing details about Amsterdam.

Move back in time in historic Granada, Nicaragua. See the attractive architecture, expertise the historical past of Nicaragua, sip a cup of espresso in the veranda, or sample some rum at the Bearded Monkey. Would you like a hammock or mattress ? They have both of those. Grab some area fare at the cafe or head out on 1 of the made available tours. At the Bearded Monkey you can unwind, discover, and enjoy the beauties of colonial Nicaragua.

Or, be very whimsical and look at a stay in a tree dwelling in Turkey. Kadir’s Tree Houses in Olympos, Turkey, are crammed with historical past and surrounded by natural natural beauty. The residence provides five-bed tree homes as perfectly as dorms and bungalows. The bordering valley of Olympus, just suitable for an experience seeker, is mountainous and beautiful with tempting beach front coves. The residence aoffers a daily packages that can involve trekking, diving, and rock climbing actions. Personal rooms from $thirty USD.

Later in the afternoon, His Holiness addressed all of the college students and academics of the College. His Holiness commenced by giving many thanks to Allah for granting the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in the Uk the capability to acquire a residence so conducive to finding out.

I have stayed at hostels that security personnel AND move codes to enter nonpublic locations. Other folks had keys, but no monitors. Non-friends are not authorized in sleeping regions. Company should provide identification. No locals are permitted to keep in click here, only out-of-town or worldwide attendees.

Present-day backpackers have a wide variety of assets available, so in buy to system your European adventure, try to remember that the greater you do your analysis, the extra income you will finish up conserving.

Singapore’s rising standing as a worldwide training hub. This in flip spawns a vibrant and thriving market specialising in homestay and guardianship targeted at global college students.

Last but not least, try to remember to get advantage of a thing Prague can offer for no cost : the sights ! Admittedly, it prices a minimal to make your way up to the top rated of the Petrin Tower but the spectacular sights are worth every single koruny there is certainly no much better way to get oneself in the mood for awesome night’s partying than watching the sunset about the town !

Tiffin companies have been into existence due to the fact a long time. This has been just one of the great products and services, which is a particular person or a restaurant supplying tiffin solutions to folks and then collecting the box everyday with some transport method. Lunch tiffin companies are well known as persons use the provider much more usually since of the business operating timings, which are largely in the early morning shifts.

Just after all, attendees could elect to slumber in the tree tops in Turkey, shower in a reformed jail in Switzerland, or even consume their breakfast whilst floating on the Danube in Serbia. There is certainly even the wacky selection of keeping in a Boeing 747-200 Jumbo Jet at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airportthat’s been transformed into two and three bed rooms.

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par lindchagourboa1988 (IP:xxx.xx6.50.24) le 1er août 2013 à 18H48

These extremely special stays, and more like them, are made available by HostelBookers, a internet site that charges no charge for booking. Testimonials, typically created by backpackers, also are available on the Hostelbookers web web-site. Anticipate to be intrigued if you peruse HostelBooker’s "Unusual Resorts" feature listings.

Medellin is only three hours by plane from Miami, flights are scheduled each day with American Airlines, Avianca and Spirit. Lodging ranges from continued to 5 star and boutique accommodations or furnished apartments.

Accommodations in Accra Ghana have spruced up at any time considering the fact that the spot commenced getting horded with travellers. There are many hotels suiting unique budgets i.e., more and the economical motels. They supply the travellers with earth class features like automobile-rentals, spacious rooms with all modern day amenities, extensive assortment of delicacies, pools and spa. Ghana inns from time to time serve as locations for conference tourism and as a result a hub for diplomats and delegates from a variety of nations around the world. Readers who want to get to this position can get hold of vacation companies who set up for lodge stays and tour about the excellent region of Ghana. The accommodations are hygienically taken care of to match global readers.

Also one particular of the greatest months to travel is August, a number of things to do choose spot in Medellin : Colombia Moda, style displays and attractive men and women all over the place and Flower Honest ’Feria de las Flores’, festivals, concert events, bouquets, antique cars’ exhibitions, even a horse journey parade in the middle of the city is aspect of this carnival.

Consider Green. Visualize a little small region with practically as numerous different kinds of birds as in the whole continental U.S., much more than 900. It is a peaceful democracy with much more species of butterflies than Africa---all of Africa. A single of just about every ten species of butterflies on earth are living in a area comprising just one/10,000 of the earth’s surface area.

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par chingpigado1989 (IP:xxx.xx6.60.28) le 23 août 2013 à 00H16

Insomuch as harmony lessen information rump loathe exceedingly stressful, on the whole despite the fact that you are on tap fine reduction heavens where hither begin. If you recruit at hand eat up weight, you’ve underpinning trouble befitting article. Momentarily - Hosting Elite

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